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National Cohesion Strategy


National Cohesion Strategy (NCS) (official name: National Strategic Reference Framework, NSRF) is a strategic document defining priorities and areas of application, as well as implementation systems for EU funds: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), European Social Fund (ESF) and the Cohesion Fund under the Community budget for 2007-2013.

The objective of NCS is to create conditions for the improvement of competitiveness of the economy based on knowledge and entrepreneurship, ensuring the increase of employment and the higher level of social, economic cohesion.

The strategic objective shall be achieved through implementation of horizontal detailed objectives. The horizontal objectives of NCS are the following:

  1. Improving the functioning standard of public institutions and development of partnership mechanisms,
  2. Improving the human capital quality and enhancing social cohesion,
  3. Establishment and modernisation of technical and social infrastructure crucial for better competitiveness of Poland,
  4. Improving the competitiveness and innovativeness of enterprises, including in particular the manufacturing sector with high added value and development of the services sector,
  5. Increase of the competitiveness of Polish regions and preventing their social, economic and territorial marginalisation,
  6. Balancing growth opportunities and supporting structural changes on rural areas.

Apart from actions of legal, fiscal and institutional nature the objectives of NCS shall be implemented via programmes (so-called operational programmes) managed by the Ministry of Regional Development, regional programmes (so-called regional operational programmes) managed by the Managing Boards of individual voivodeships and projects co-financed from the structural instruments, i.e.:

  • Infrastructure and Environment Programme – ERDF and CF
  • Innovative Economy Programme – ERDF
  • Human Capital Programme – ESF
  • 16 regional programmes – ERDF
  • Development of Eastern Poland Programme – ERDF
  • Technical Assistance Programme – ERDF
  • European Territorial Co-operation Programmes – ERDF

Financing of the National Cohesion Strategy

The overall amount of funds involved in implementation of the National Cohesion Strategy is approx. EUR 85.6 billion. The average annual expenditure for the implementation of NCS (until 2015) will amount to approx. EUR 9.5 billion, which corresponds to approx. 5% of gross domestic product. The amount covers:

  • EUR 67.3 billion from EU budget,
  • EUR 11.9 billion from national public resources (including approx. EUR 5.93 billion from the state budget),
  • approx. EUR 6.4 billion of private entities engagement.

The expenditure for cohesion policy will be co-ordinated with the expenditure allocated to structural instruments of Common Agricultural Policy and Common Fisheries Policy, as well as with European programmes within the frameworks of enhancing competitiveness.

The total amount of resources engaged in the implementation of development activities, where the main component is NCS, will amount to over EUR 107.9 billion, including 85.4 billion form EU resources.

A detailed distribution of structural funds and Cohesion Fund in Poland among individual operational programmes is shaped in the following way:

  • Infrastructure and Environment Programme – 41.9% of all resources (EUR 27.9 billion),
  • 16 regional programmes – 24.9% of all resources (EUR 16.6 billion),
  • Human Capital Programme – 14.6% of all resources (EUR 9.7 billion),
  • Innovative Economy Programme – 12.4% of all resources (EUR 8.3 billion),
  • Development of Eastern Poland Programme – 3.4% of all resources (EUR 2.3 billion),
  • Technical Assistance Programme – 0.8% of all resources (EUR 0.5 billion),
  • European Territorial Co-operation Programmes - (EUR 0.7 billion).

Other financial resources under these two structural funds and Cohesion Fund will be allocated to establishing a national performance reserve (2% of the value of allocations, i.e. EUR 1.3 billion).




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